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Rashed Abdul Rahman AlRashed & Sons Group is one of the largest leading conglomerates in KSA and the Gulf Region.  The Group is known for its various business contributions to Saudi Arabian infrastructure since 1950. Today, it continues to support the expansion and prosperity of the nation.

As part of Group’s interest in accommodating the drastic economical and legal changes in the Kingdom, The Partners of Rashed Abdul Rahman AlRashed & Sons Group strategically created AlAwael Investment Holding Company and its subsidiaries to be the umbrella under which Group’s businesses are currently structured and operated.

The Group’s regional and local operations focus on eight key business areas which are Real Estate, Building Materials, Cement & Bulk materials, Construction Materials, Contracting, Industrial Products, Automotive Products and Food Products resulting in a large and diverse range of companies.

Furthermore, the Group is involved in large scale of direct and indirect investments and partnerships through its investment vehicles.

AlRashed takes pride in its product quality, business integrity, and diversified success.

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